1. Costs: It varies between each email marketing company. Before choosing one, it would be best if you identify the number of subscribers and how many emails per month you are willing to send. It will help you choose the best plan and services as per the requirement.
  2. Deliverability: The email service provider monitors any email you send before it gets delivered. It is to ensure that all significant ISPs and other domains are happily receiving your emails. The best email marketing services agency in India should inform you which emails were delivered and which weren’t, and why.
  3. Usability: Most ESPs offer trial/free plans that allow the customer to try it for themselves before buying. You may identify that some platforms are more user-friendly than others for your particular business requirements.
  4. API Integration: The email sending process is continuously refined based on prior campaign executions. It involves 3rd party plug-ins/apps to witness several metrics that your ESP might not be presenting. Hence, check if your ESP supports API integration for the tools you use to administer analysis.
  5. Customer Service: Imagine you scheduled an email to be sent late midnight but because of server downtime, the email could not be delivered. Does your ESP provide round-the-clock customer support? Examine the downtime patterns & frequencies and ask the ESPs about their crisis management plan for such scenarios.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best email marketing service provider in India is like making a never-ending promise. You may decide to break that up later, but it would be a complete wastage of resources. Hence, it would be great if you opt for a free trial to know how well it goes for your business. Once you finalise the email marketing services agency in India that fulfils all your business needs, you can get in touch with Wisdom tree Ventures for all your ESP migration griefs.

Source: https://wisdomtreeventures.blogspot.com/2020/11/know-best-email-marketing-service.html

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