The purpose of this article is to help our readers understand the key factors required for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Further, when we talk about living a healthy lifestyle, we not only consider the physical aspects, but also a person’s mental well-being. Thus, our article will point out both the physical as well as psychological tips essential towards leading a happy life!

So, without wasting more time, here are our 5 tried and tested tips:

Plan Your Meals

 1. Plan Your Meals

A healthy lifestyle diet is the most important thing, which will not only improve your physical well-being but also provide you with peace of mind. After all, when you plan your meals in advance, you ensure that you are only consuming a set number of calories; thus, helping you avoid the additional fats that are bad for your body.

Further, when you healthily lose weight, you are sub-consciously gaining confidence about yourself; thus, improving your overall mood! However, whilst planning your meals, ensure that you take proper guidance from a dietician. (Because every person’s calorie intake differs from one another; thus, it’s best to consult from someone who knows about this stuff).

Get Rid of Your Vices

 2. Get Rid of Your Vices

When I say Vices, I mean to point-out the bad-habits that you may or may not be having (Bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, use of non-prescribed drugs, etc.).

If you don’t have a Vice, then it’s a good thing, but if you do then today’s as good as tomorrow to get rid of it. After all, a bad habit, such as smoking or excessive drinking will not only cost you money but also your life. Thus, you must let go of your vices, if you plan on living a healthy lifestyle.

Also, if you find it difficult to quit by yourself, it is never too late to ask someone you trust for help!

Take a sick leave

 3. Take a sick leave (-for mental well-being)

The only time that we consider taking a sick-leave from the office or school is when our body is feeling sick. However, more than often, we ignore the woes of our brain. At times, even when we feel emotionally distressed or mentally exhausted, we try to “go on with life” but this is something that must stop!

If your goal is maintaining a healthy lifestyle then you must listen to both your body as well as your brain. It is okay to take a break, if you feel mentally exhausted. Because, at the end of the day, there is no business meeting or school assignment that is more important than your mental well-being.

A few other important tips for mental well-being are:

  • Try new things in life (food, experiences, places, etc.)
  • Take some time off for introspection.
  • Exercise your mind (-by trying puzzle games, playing chess, etc.)
  • Spend time with your family & loved ones.
  • Make some time for your hobby or sport that you love.
  • Have Fun.
  • Learn to say “no” when you don’t want to do something.

healthy lifestyle diet

 4. What to eat and what not to eat

As we have discussed earlier, a healthy lifestyle diet is of utmost importance; but it is also something that requires a great deal of will-power. After all, there is a huge difference between knowing what to eat and following the schedule holistically. Because, even if you plan all your meals in advance and follow the pre-decided schedule rigorously, there are still chances that all your efforts might simply go down the drain. (All it takes is that one large-sized pizza with extra cheese and your favorite toppings).

Thus, you must ensure that you avoid over-consuming these things at all costs:

  • Salt and sugar-based products such as aerated drinks, salty snacks, sugary candies, etc. (they cause unhealthy weight gain).
  • Unhealthy fat-infused food such as burgers, pizzas, etc. (Avoid any kind of “food” with the word “Fast” written in front of it).
  • Burnt or over-cooked meat results in the formation of dangerous compounds that increase the risk of cancer in your body.
  • Products with artificial food additives and sweeteners. (they are bad for your body).

Things that you must eat:

  • Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, etc. are great for losing weight naturally.
  • Properly Cooked Meat is high in nutrition and an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. (Lamb Meat, Chicken Breasts, etc.)
  • If you are a vegetarian, you can simply opt for fruits and berries for their nutritious values. (Avocados, Blueberries, Apples, Strawberries, etc.)
  • Vegetables such as Broccoli, Asparagus, Bell peppers, etc. are also a great source of nutrition.


 5. Exercise at least 3 times a week

If living a healthy lifestyle is your goal, then you must exercise at least 3 times a week. (one workout session= 1 hour or more). You can exercise 5-6 times a week if you want to build muscles. The various benefits of regular exercise are:

  • Helps you with weight management.
  • Improves your brain functioning and memory.
  • Reduces the risks of depression and anxiety.
  • Helps you manage blood pressure and sugar levels in your body.
  • Reduces problems related to joints, bones, and muscles.
  • Improves your heart condition and quality of life.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If there are any additional points that we may have missed out on, do let us know in the comment section.

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