Tall men are hot, don’t you agree? But they are not as lucky when it comes to dressing up. They can’t wear anything and everything. They have to be extremely picky when it comes to making clothing choices.

The key lies in understanding what attire to wear to complement your height and look classy. Here’s a tall man’s guide to dressing up and turn heads wherever they go:

1: Stick to Monochrome Palette

The monochrome color scheme is the type where you contrast shade. For men who are tall and slim, wearing similar colors only makes you look taller and slimmer. Break things up by wearing color palettes.

Don’t wear one color from head to toe. Introduce break by choosing patterns and textures. When mixing shades, keep the darker tones for the pants and the lighter shades for the top. This trick draws the eyes upwards.

2: Embrace the Odd Combination

One useful trick to look great is to choose an odd combination. Simply wear a jacket with khaki pants and there you go, a perfect look. This means taller men can buy separate pieces and wear their suits more often. Wearing different colors and textures breaks the body in half. Hence you look less imposing.

3: Add Bulk

When adding bulk, the key is not to disappear into the clothes. Focus on the width. Choose clothes that create sideways heft. Clothes featuring horizontal patterns can help.

4: The Clothes Must Fit

Taller men would agree finding clothes in the right fit is next to impossible. If that’s you, befriend a great tailor. Sometimes, the way only to get a decent fit is to get tailored-made clothes.

To stay within budget, only choose tailored clothes or high-impact clothes such as jackets, suits, shirts, and pants.

5: Avoid Skinny Fits

The worst mistake is to wear skinny clothes. You have the freedom to experiment with edgy silhouettes so make the most of it.

If you like the slender style, then go for well-fitted pants. This will give you the look you want without looking too tall.

6: Wear Bolder Shoes

Another thing that’s hard for men to find shoes in the right size. When you’re on a shoe hunt, get textured shoes. It is a popular misconception to wear dark shoes for minimizing large feet. The truth is your feet are proportional to your body. Therefore, choose footwear that complements your style. Your focus shouldn’t be to hide your feet.

Don’t feel that blue suede boots or red loafers aren’t for you. Just remember not to choose loud shoes that look clownish. If you want a suggestion, go for black cap-toe oxfords or shoes with contrasting laces. These pieces will add interest to your look.

7: Go For Long Length Ties

The length of your tie needs to belong. It should have a length even after you have tied the knot. Regular length ties are for mid-height men.

The fashion industry has made us believe that ties come in a standard size but that’s not true. They are available in a variety of lengths. For tall men, a long-length tie is a way to go.

8: Blazer Is Your Best Friend

Have a go-to blazer or a suit jacket. It’s even recommended for short men because it helps build shoulders and adds height.

Keep the jacket buttoned for creating a slim silhouette and making your chest look bigger. The topmost button must be above the navel.

9: Use Belts as Accessories

Wearing a belt doesn’t just add a nice and classy touch, it breaks up the appearance. It does the same trick wearing monochrome combinations does.

10: Wear Long Trench Coats

Trench coats are highly underrated. They are a quality ensemble that must be in every tall guy’s wardrobe. The coat must fall below the knees. Avoid the coats in waist or thigh length. These lengths are only going to emphasize your height.

11: Layer up the Right Way

Okay, bulking is recommended for taller guys but what’s the right way to add layers? The general rule is to layer from thin to thick or light to rigid.

In other words, you must put on the lightest fabric first then wear a sturdier layer such as a suit jacket or a knit sweater.

12: Hold Your Sleeves when Length is an Issue

Taller men often complain that they barely find shirts with the right sleeve length. When that’s a problem, add a watch. You can also layer a longer button-down underneath. Another trick is to roll the sleeves.

13: Have a Tailor on Speed Dial

The ultimate rule for tall men is to have a go-to tailor. Just like you keep a barber on speed dial, have a tailor on speed dial as well. He should understand your body and how things fit you. You will then always have consistent silhouettes.

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